Top Gifts For All

Our range of gifts are not just for Christmas, we have a selection of gifts that will make great presents all year round.

This includes both traditional & contemporary, with items such as hot waterbottles, art sets, pencils, bath mats as well as phone cases and personalised items.

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There’s something for everyone, shop our range below.

Personalised Photo Mug


Give your morning cup of tea a new lease of life with these amazingly crafted customised mugs.

Designed with vibrant colours, any picture that is uploaded is sure to be brought to life with the top of the range technology creating these ceramic mugs.

Buy yours today.

Pink Polka Dot Wool Warmer Hot Water Bottle


New to the wool warmer hot water bottle range – the irresistible Pink Polka Dot!

Free UK Delivery – contact us to order.

Union Jack Hot Water Bottle


Cuddle up and think of England! With this rather snuggly hot water bottle to keep you warm on those cold winter days. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal with DGBS and buy today.

Free UK Delivery

Water Coloured Pencil Set


What’s black & white & red all over? This set of water coloured pencils is!

Manufactured from recycled Chinese newspapers – each pencil is made from tightly wrapped sheets of censored journalism, classified ads & table tennis results!

These are great quality coloured pencils, rich, smooth, easy to sharpen & stronger than their wooden rivals.

Free UK delivery

Hypotrochoid Art Set


Hypotrochoid is the mathematical term for a line traced by a fixed point in a circle (your pen) which is then rotated around the inside of a larger circle.

These beautiful flowing curves have fascinated mathematicians for centuries. Different points within the small circle produce wildly different patterns!

A classic & absorbing drawing set, easy & fun to use. – The perfect gift for all of those who love art, or who want to learn a little more. Purchase yours today.

Free UK Delivery