15 Home Furnishings That Can Turn Your Property into a Modern Palace

In our Home Furnishings section, we are displaying a selection of everyday items improved with a slightly unusual twist – using them will now be a pleasure rather than a chore!

Dusters, toilet brushes, dustpans clothes pegs and washing up gloves in a selection of kitsch designs & colours including, zebra, leopard and ladybird. For all of these items, contact us so you can place an order.

We are also displaying our popular range of attractive & practical roller towels & rails. We are constantly adding new products so please click here.

Regular upholstery cleaning in Melbourne

One of the biggest ways of improving your home starts with restoring your furniture, making them last longer and look better.

Hiring a cleaning company on a regular basis will prolong the life of the furniture. Click here to see prices from A2Z Cleaning in Melbourne. As well as upholstery cleaning, they offer state-of-the-art carpet cleaning services.

What furniture can be cleaned?

  • Arm chairs
  • Dining chairs
  • Car seats
  • Lounge seats

If you aren’t sure if a piece of furniture can be regularly cleaned due to types of material, call 1300 285 145 today.

Architectural home furnishings

Are you refurbishing your home in order to make it modern and architectural? Well, installing rooflights on any flat roof throughout your building will turn your property into a sleek, sophisticated place. Find out about environmental architecture.

Skylights are also great for creating a focal point in the room. Below are the best rooflights that are available.

Made to measure roof lanterns

EOS Rooflights have made frameless roof lanterns. The strength of glass that has been incorporated into this design means that it can hold with no aluminium frame inside or out.  The glass-to-glass joints create the perfect architectural finish to your home. Email mailto:info@eosrooflights.co.uk.

EOS Rooflights now has roof lanterns for your property

Contemporary glass circular rooflights

If you prefer various shapes, then maybe the circular skylight is what you’re after. If you are known as being the trend setter, then this design can make a statement in your home. Architects are combining straight lines with sweeping curves in order to get that impeccable design.

All of these rooflights have upgraded glass as standard, meaning when you choose a rooflight for your property, you will have a 6mm outer toughened pane and 6mm toughened inner pane included. See more information.

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