Refurbishment of Our Shop: Come & Visit Us

We recently had our shop refurbished.

So, visit us at 50 Jermyn St, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6LX and enjoy our brand new premises.

  • Brand new equipment, tills, check stock in house on iPad system etc
  • New stock

Read on to find out what has been refurbished!

A Brand New Shop Front

Our new, aluminium shop front looks elegant. It really does represent everything that we stand for as a shop and we hope this welcomes new customers to our store!

The entire process was done by Erreka UK. We first contacted them to discuss our ideas and then the design process began! We had a tinted glazing with a beautiful pastel blue colour. We couldn’t be happier with the service and final result received and we highly recommend this company.

Something we also looked into adding was an awning. We wanted to add this to our shop to give it a more professional look and to provide a shade area for our customers during the summer months. It also helped with the bad weather.

This had a great difference and attracted more customers welcoming them to our store.

A New Interior

We have recently wallpapered and had new flooring put down. We have decided to carry on with the stunning blue colour and have chosen wallpaper that reflects this.

The flooring we have chosen has a solid wood effect in the colour classic oak. This makes the shop look comfortable, modern and trendy. Click here to see our new flooring.

A New System Installed

We have had a new system installed. In most high street shops, they have technology which tells you if an item is in stock, what sizes and how many.

We have now introduced this to our store! You can also purchase stock and have it delivered to the store or your home address with the click of a button.

This makes your shopping experience much easier and allows you to buy items you really want, even when they are out of stock.

See where we got our inspiration from.

Since having our shop refurbished, we have now called in the help of a professional cleaning agency. Once the store has closed, Veri Clean will wipe all the windows down, hoover and mop the floors and wipe down the counters. This means when we open up the next day, we have a shop that that looks smart, welcoming and sophisticated. We highly recommend these Croydon based cleaners.

We hope you enjoy our new premises and welcome new customers!

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